The Composites Canada Team

MarkLukasikMark Lukasik - President

Mark is the second generation in this family business.  Helping it grow into a thriving composites business with the most product variety and the best knowledge base, Mark still enjoys working with customers every day.  After 20 years he continues to see all sales as personal sales, and many customers still ask for him by name.

Mark's background includes civil engineering which gives him sharp analytical insight into solving customer problems.  When he's not in the office (and even sometimes when he is) his love of the ourdoors is clear to everyone around.

AaronMillerAaron Miller - General Manager

Aaron is best described as a composites junkie.  He doesn't just sell composites, he believes in them, explaining to all who will listen the benefits of stronger, lighter, and faster composites.

From a family background of automotive tooling and precision manufacturing, he often claims he was born in a shop.  He still has one, it's overtaken his garage, and he still loves geting lost for hours in it.  Aaron has been working with composites for 18 years and been at Composites Canada for 12 of them.

Paula Haddad - Customer Relationship Management / Accounts Receivable / Finance

Paula helps our clients setup their accounts, manages orders, and manages accounts receivables.  She's the first person to speak to if you have questions about your orders and accounts. 

JasonPozzoJason Pozzo - Sales

Jason (aka JP) helps clients understand and find the products they need for their project.  Whether on the phone or at their shop, he's got years of experience in building boats, high performance racecars, and high end supercars.  He's also our resident expert on vaccuum bagging procedures (taking air out of laminates) and advanced composite construction.




John Mai - Purchasing

John handles purchasing of Composites Canada's products

Win Nhon  - Logistics

Win packs securely and ships with care every order that leaves Composites Canada.

Charran Raghubar  - Logistics

Charran has a hand in organizing, assembling, and shipping every single sales order at Composites Canada

Jolanta Cieslinska - Finance

Jolanta keeps Composites Canada's financial house in order, gets our bills paid, and keeps our vendors happy!




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