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Fiberglass Cloth

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Aircraft Fiberglass Cloth
Fine bundles of fiberglass yarn in a satin weave. Weave produces high strength for the weight. Excellent drapeability, easy to from onto complex shapes. Use with low viscosity resin for adequate wet out. >>
Braided Cloth
Fiberglass yarn woven into a biaxial tubular sock. Contours extremely well over custom shaped cores. Also for use over and into tubular molds. >>
Fiberglass Cloth
Woven fabric in a plain weave. Better strength to weight ratio than mat or woven roving. Typically used in thing lightweight laminates or in conjunction with other reinforcements. Compatible with all resins that we supply. >>
Fiberglass Cloth Tape
A plain weave cloth tape with finished edges. Ideal for seam work, corners, edges and repairs. Sizes: Sold by 50 yard full rolls. >>
Lightweight Fiberglass Cloth
Lightweight cloth that has high thread count. Commonly used to reinforce a thin layer of resin for a smooth, print-free surface layer. Can be a replacement for gelcoat as a first layer into a mold. Widely used by model builders. >>
Though visually quite similar, S-Glass has a different chemical composition from that of E-Glass. One lamination of S-Glass can replace several laminations of E-Glass. S-Glass has approximately 30% more tensile strength and 15% more stiffness than E-Glass and retains these properties up to 1500 F. S-Glass also has a superior impact strength. Compat >>
Style 7500 Tooling Cloth
Good drapeability. Primarily used in epoxy mold construction. >>

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