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West System

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300-Series Mini Pumps
Sold by the pair; one for the resin and the other for the hardener. One stroke of each pump delivers the correct ratio of resin to hardener. The current package of pumps is good for all size kits for both 3:1 and 5:1 mix ratios.
Empty Caulking Tube
Standard sized fillable caulking tube well suited for filling and application of catalyzed epoxy and polyester putties.
Epoxy 105 + Hardener 205/206 (5:1)
A medium modulus clear epoxy resin. The original Wood Epoxy Saturation Technique. Easy to use in coating applications. Popular for marine use. Used for gluing, filleting, filling and fairing with appropriate fillers. Working time @ 22 C = 9-12 min (205) or 20-25 min (206). Sizes: 1.2 quart kit, 1.2 gallon kit, 5.2 gallon kit, 62.4 gallon kit.
Epoxy 105 + Hardener 207 (3:1)
An exceptionally clear epoxy system. Mostly used as a moisture resistant natural wood finish on wood strip marine craft. Working time @ 22 C = 20-25 min. Sizes: 1.3 quart kit, 1.3 gallon kit, 5.8 gallon kit.
PR4935 High Temp Casting Epoxy
An aluminum filled, high temperature casting system. A tough system which pours well to reproduce fine details. Used for foundry patterns, vacuum form molds, compression molding dies and autoclave fixtures and spacers. Sizes: 13.1 lb kit, 60.3 lb kit.
West System Literature
Gougeon Brothers on Boat ConstructionFiberglass Boat RepairGelcoat Blister RepairFairing & FinishingVacuum Bagging Technique
West Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit
Venturi Vacuum generator, vacuum gauge, muffler, tubing, suction cups, 15 sq. ft. of materials and booklet.
Wood Flour
Makes non-sagging firm paste. When mixed with epoxy it is used for gap filling and making fillets in bright finished sewn boats and strip planked canoes.

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