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Aqua-Buff 1000W
A water based aggressive compounding paste specifically designed for gelcoat surfaces. Well suited for reconditioning of heavily oxidized surfaces and removal of 400-grit scratches. Off-white colour reduced the potential for staining light coloured gelcoats. Cleans with water. Works well with 3M Pads and Buff 'N Shine white wool compounding pads.
Aqua-Buff 2000
By far our best selling compound and polish. A water based finishing compound designed to quickly remove 600-grit scratches. It is coarse enough to remove light to medium oxidation in old gelcoat, yet fine enough to polish molds and plugs to a high gloss without swirl marks. Contains neither silicone nor wax. Cleans with water. Best results are with a slow speed polisher. Does the job with one step and one product where other brands may require two or three products to achieve the same high glos
Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Additive
A gelcoat additive for repair and refinishing. It lowers the viscosity of gelcoat and makes it easier to spray. It also increases gloss, colour and light stability, impact resistance and chemical resistance. Add up to 50% of total gelcoat mixture.
Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Topcoat 904-045
A high build, hard super clear high gloss coating designated as a high gloss topcoat for polyester products. Good chemical resistance, high impact strength and excellent colour and light stability. Easy to use in the place of gelcoat as an in-mold coating.
Duratec EZ Sanding Primer 707-060
Duratec high build sprayable surface primer provides outstanding filling properties for a variety of substrates. Builds rapidly and provides a very easily sanded, low porosity smooth surface. Apply up to 20 mils wet on wet.
Duratec Mold Repair Putty 1804-007
Smooth and thixotropic vinyl ester putty for fast and easy repair or rebuild of production molds. Extremely low load of ultra fine fillers reduces entrapped air. C3ures to a durable and easily polished surface. Sandable within 30 minutes. High heat distortion properties withstands exotherm during part cure. 6-8 working time. Untinted in colour. Withstands 300 deg. F. Hardens with3% BPO paste catalyst. Sizes: 1 quart.
Duratec Sealer 823A
A low viscosity, rapid curing, clear penetrating sealer that anchors lacquers, urethanes, polyesters, vinyl esters and most epoxies to a variety of substrates. Use for surfacing composite plugs and patterns and for sealing woods and veneers, plaster, concrete and GRP surfaces. Apply by brush, roller or cloth wiper. Thix index: 0. Working time with 2% MEKP = 8-10 minutes. Sizes: 1 gallon, 4 gallon case.
Duratec Surface Primer 707-002
A Duratec polyester surface primer that provides outstanding filling and leveling properties for a variety of substrates. This popular grey coloured primer has the unique ability to be polished to high gloss finish. Ideally suited for rapid coat build-up for plug/pattern surfacing. Adheres to fiberglass (including epoxy resin), metal, wood, pressboard, brick, concrete and polyurethane foam. Apply up to 40 mils wet on wet.
Duratec Vinylester Primer 1794-006
A high quality white surface coating for mold surfacing and re-surfacing. High build, high temperature (300 F), impact resistant coating with extremely low sub-surface porosity.

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