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3M 2097 P100 Particulate Filter
This filter has been certified as being 99.97% efficient at removing solid and liquid particles including those containing oil. Designed for use with the 3M 6000 Series Respirator and 3M Full Face Respirator for sanding operations or for low levels of organic vapours. Lightweight system and allows for superior efficiency over conventional particulate respirators. Sizes: Sold by the pair.
3M 6000 Series Respirator
The 3M 6000 Series Respirator is a NIOSH/MSHA approved half-mask respirator that is adaptable to a wide range of respiratory protection. Its low maintenance, comfortable design allows for greater worker`s flexibility by the use of five different type cartridges and two types of prefilters for a variety of work environments. Cartridges are simply twisted on or off of the face piece for easy replacement which allows the facepiece to be used over and over again. The facepiece is easy to clean and i
3M 8210 Particulate Respirator
Meets NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95 requirements. Suitable for sanding dust of cured fiberglass, putties and paints. Lightweight construction with adjustable nose clip. Sizes: Sold individually on in the box of 20 masks.
3M Adhesive Accessories
3M Adhesive Accessories, such as: EPX Plus Applicator, EPX Plus 10:1 Plunger, EPX Plus 2:1 Plunger, EPX Plus 1:1 Plunger, EPX Plus Mixing Nozzle, EPX Plus 10:1 Mixing Nozzle.
3M DP-810 Low Odour (1:1)
This acrylic adhesive emits little odour. It bonds a wide variety of substrates with high shear and peel strength, including many plastics and oily metals. Work time = 6-8 min. Fixtures time = 10-15 min. Sizes: 1.7 fl oz cartridge.
3M Finesse-It II Finishing Material
3M Finesse-It II Finishing Material is designed for use on topside paint systems and gelcoats to remove swirl marks after compounding, while leaving a glazed finish. Also removes light to medium oxidation on gelcoat for boat reconditioning. Product contains neither wax nor silicone. It is also the suggested follow up step after using 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound.
3M Finesse-It Natural 3\ Buffing Pad"
This 3 inch buffing pad is designed to get you into tight areas not accessible with a conventional polisher. Pads are hook-and-loop backed. 3 inch version attaches to the 3 inch 3M Finesse-It Roloc Finishing Pad.
3M Finesse-It Roloc Finishing Pad
Holds the 3 inch 3M Finesse-It Natural Buffing Pad in place. Provides a soft surface for excellent results. FInishing pad mounts in a 3 inch 3M Roloc Disc Assembly.
3M Full Face Respirator
Affords eye and respiratory protection. Reusable design - changeable filters, cartridges and lens covers. Use the same cartridges, prefilters and retainers as with 3M 6000 Series Respirator. Mask is supplied with one lens cover.
3M Green Corps Stikit Production Discs
Pressure-sensitive adhesive backed discs, for easy application to and removal from disc pad. An all new mineral bond construction and tough E weight backing provide for a fast cutting, long lasting abrasive disc. Excellent for coarse sanding of hull and deck areas.
3M Hookit Half Round Pad
Conformable 6 inch pad with a straight edge for scuff sanding up to detail lines and molding. 6 inch Stickit or Hookit discs are applied by lining up the straight edge and attached to the other side. The 3M Hookit pad face allows for easy attachment and removal with 6 inch Hookit discs.
3M Hookit Hand Pad
Conformable 6 inch pad with an elastic strap that hold hand for scuff sanding flat or contoured surfaces. Eliminates finger marks. The 3M Hookit pad face allows for easy attachment and removal with 6 inch Hookit discs.
3M Hookit SBS System
Uniquely constructed 8 inch diameter compounding/polishing pad system provides quick change advantages while producing exceptional finishes on gelcoat and paint system. This system is designed to provide easy attachment and removal and accurate centering of the 3M Hookit SBS Compounding or Polishing Pad to the 3M Hookit SBS Backup Pad. Fits all standard 5/8 x 11 shaft slow speed polishers.
3M Hookit Soft Interface Pad
Soft and very flexible foam interface pads which attach to a 3 inch Roloc Pad or 6 inch velcro backup pad.
3M Imperial Compound Finishing Material
3M Imperial Compound Finishing material can be applied by hand or with a dual action orbital machine. It produces a high-gloss, deep luster and a durable finish.
3M Lightweight Body Filler
This vacuum processed lightweight body filler is designated to be used for filling and shaping prototypes and plugs. Cures tack-free in 15-20 minutes, reducing sandpaper loading. Other important advantages are: creamy texture, smooth spreading, easy sanding and vacuum processed to minimize pinholes. Note: not suitable below the waterline. 3M Creme Hardener included. Sizes: 1 gallon, case of 4 gallons.
3M Marine Adhesive / Sealant 5200
High performance polyurethane adhesive/sealant becomes tack free in 24-48 hr and completely cures in 5-7 days with no shrinkage. The seal is extremely strong, retaining its strength above or below the waterline. Stays flexible too - allows for structural movement. Has excellent resistance to weathering and salt water. Bonding and Sealing jobs: fiberglass deck to fiberglass hull, wood to fiberglass, portholes and deck fittings, motors on the fiberglass traensoms, under moulding, hull seams above
3M Marine Adhesive / Sealant Fast Cure 4200
A one-part general all-purpose polyurethane that chemically reacts with moisture to deliver flexible bonds with good adhesion to wood, fiberglass, gelcoat, plastics and metals. Paintable and sandable. Forms watertight, weather-resistant seals on joints and boats hardware above or below the waterline but allows for easier disassembly than 3M Marine Adhesive / Sealant 5200. Sizes: Sold in 10 oz cans, in the case of 12 cans and in 400 ml Flex Packs.
3M Marine Adhesive / Sealant Fast Cure 5200
Fast cure version of 5200 which becomes tack free in one hour and completely cures in 24 hours. Delivering strong, flexible seals, this product is ideal for applications where a fast, long-term seal is needed above or below the waterline. Available in white. Sizes: Sold in 10 oz cans or in the case of 12 cans.
3M Marine Fiberglass Restorer and Wax
Designed to remove heavy oxidation, chalking, fading, minor scratches, rust and exhaust stains; plus provide protection on fiberglass/gelcoat and marine topside paints. Unique formulation combines a rubbing compound with special blend of waxes which restore shine and protect in one application.
3M Marine High Gloss Gelcoat Compound
This paste compound is designed to quickly remove P600 dual action or 1000 wet sanding scratches from production gelcoat. Leaves a high gloss finish without swirl marks. It has a unique formulation which reduces slinging. Best results are obtained when used with a 3M Suberbuff Pad or 3M Hookit Compounding Pad on a slow speed polisher. Does not contain wax or silicone.
3M Marine Superbuff 6\ Pad"
A 6 inch diameter buffing pad with a 1 inch wool pile on both sides of the pad. Lightweight support is build into the pad, thus eliminating the need for heavy rubber backup pads. Designed to fit any standard electric drill with a 1/4 inch arbor and hex-head nut.
3M Microballoons - K20
Low density microballoon spheres filler used to make putties which are lightweight and easy to sand. Use caution when mixing, aggressive action will break spheres. For sanding putty on a vertical surface mix 4 parts microballoons and 1 part cabosil. Colour is white.
3M Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad
3M Perfect-It Polishing Pad utilizes a 3M patented convoluted foam face to produce a wheel mark free marine topside paint finish or gelcoat, when used in conjunction with 3M Perfect-It Machine Glaze or 3M Finesse-It Finishing Material. 3M Parfec-It Foam Polishing Pads attach to either 3M Hookit Backup Pads or 3M Perfect-It Backup Pads. Fits all standard (5/8x11 shaft) slow speed polishers.
3M Premium Lightweight Filler
Very easy sanding vacuum processed lightweight body filler. Cures tack free in 15-20 minutes. Ultra creamy and for polyester based products has superior bonding to fiberglass, SMC, aluminum, galvanized and steel. Note: not suitable below the waterline. 3M Creme Hardener included. Sizes: 1 gallon, case of 4 gallons.

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