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Intelux FIberglass Bottomkote
This antifouling can overcoat any existing bottom coat and offers solid protection against all types of fouling, including Zebra Mussels. For fiberglass, wood or steel boats.
Interlux Bottomkote XXX
Providing good value to boaters, this antifouling can be applied over all properly prepared existing coatings and substrates (except aluminum). The soft paint film of Bottomkote XXX allows for easy clearing and minimal paint buildup.
Interlux Brightside Polyurethane
A one-part polyurethane containing teflon for better resistance to staining and abrasion. An easy to apply as a one part enamel. Available in an assortment of colours.
Interlux Interstrip 299E
This paint stripper will remove all types of paints: antifoulings, enamels, varnish and polyurethanes from fiberglass, wood, metal, glass and most plastics. Will not harm polyester resin/gelcoat. Does not contain methylene chloride, caustics or acids.
Interlux Micron CSC
A very effective copper based antifouling. The copper-copolymer formula of Micron CSC provides a controlled release of antifouling biocide at the paint surface. The longevity of the coating is related to the amount of paint applied. Micron CSC will not loose its effectiveness when hauled out of the water for long periods of time.
Interlux Trilux II
A hard antifouling paint specifically developed for use on aluminum boats, outdrives and outboards. It can also be applied to fiberglass, wood and other underwater metal on boats. Trilux also contains teflon for easy cleaning.
Interlux VC Performance Epoxy with Teflon
An extremely hard epoxy designed for use on boat bottoms and keels of racing sailboats or performance powerboats that do not require antifouling paint. Can be applied to fiberglass, epoxy and metal. White in colour. Difficult to recoat.

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