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Altek H596-HWA AOC Polyester Resin - 400-GP
Waxed general purpose resin is used when a tack-free final surface is required. Also called finishing resin, used as a last coat or when building a whole laminate in one pass. Requires solvent cleaning and sanding before application of extra resin or adhesives. Working time @ 25 C = 20-25 min.  From the manufacturers' website: Altek® H596-H Series General purpose, Toughened, Orthophthalic Polyester Resin DESCRIPTION AOC’s Altek H596-H series is a prepromoted, thixotropic, general purpos
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Firepel K130 AOC Fire Retardant Polyester Resin
Fire retardant polyester resin, meets ASTM E-84 fire retardant standards. Should be used with fire retardant gelcoat such as our G730 series. Working time @ 25 C = 25-30 min. From the manufacturers' website: Polyester Resin for Fire Retardant Applications Firepel® K130 series resins are designed for fire resistant applications where ASTM E 84 Class I flame and smoke development are required. Benefits Fire Retardant Firepel® K130 PT, NN and TT series meet ASTM E 84 Class I flame and smoke re
Vicast A541 AOC Polyester Casting Resin - AM-3
Water clear medium viscosity resin designed for casting and embedding. May be used by itself or inconjunction with inexpensive fillers reduce cost, and reduce exotherm. Unwaxed for use in molds. Well suited for fiberglass or Silicones Inc silicone molds. From the manufacturers` website Vicast® Polyester Resin for Casting DESCRIPTION Vicast® A541 is a prepromoted, non-thixotropic, polyester resin formulation made for use in cultured marble, granite and onyx and clear casting applications. Thi
Vipel F010 AOC General Purpose Vinylester
Vipel® F010 series is a bisphenol A epoxy-based vinyl ester resin dissolved in styrene. The Vipel® F010 series is ideally suited for use in hand lay-up, spray-up, filament winding, SMC, and pultrusion processes where outstanding mechanical properties and excellent resistance to chemicals and heat are required. Benefits Versatile Wide formulating capabilities allow for use in many processes and for optimization of cost/performance. Unique composition produces a tough and versatile resin with ex
Vipel F017 Elastomer Modified Vinylester
Vipel® F017 are elastomeric, bisphenol A epoxy vinyl ester resins. Vipel® F017-AAA-00 is a non thixotropic resin that can be formulated as needed. Vipel® F017-ATT is the thixotropic version. Benefits Low VOC content Versions are available that are less then 39% styrene. Bonding AOC’s Vipel® F017 Series resins are designed as a primer for bonding fiberglass laminates to steel and other substrates. Resilience It can also be used to manufacture parts that require a great deal of resilience, wit

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