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Mold Release

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Air-Injected Wedge
High density air injection for fast part release. Sizes: 6in x 3in (with and without air fitting). >>
Coverall Film - Purple PVA
A new and improved purple PVA. High solid content, better flow-out, easier to apply and thicker film buildup per coat. Cleans with warm water. >>
Green Parting Wax - Partall 2
A soft, easily applied silicone-free release wax made from a combination of hydrocarbon and microcrystalline waxes. Can be used on its own or as a base for PVA >>
Honey Wax
Soft paste wax mold release agent. Contains silicone. Very easy polish and release >>
Loctite Frekote 700NC
A semi-permanent release coating. Multiple release per application for polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and a variety of other thermoset resin systems. >>
Loctite Frekote FMS
The recommended sealer over composite molds for any Frekote semi-permanents releases. >>
A rigid polyester plastic film that will release most chemistries. Leaves high gloss surface. Ideal release surface for making flat panels. Reusable. 10 mil gives optional flat finish. Sizes: 2 mil or 10 mil. >>
Partall Hi-Temp Wax
A silicone-free hard high temp. wax from Partall. Compatible with PVA. >>
Permoplast Modeling Clay
Oil based non-hardening modeling clay. Will not breakdown when exposed to polyester or epoxy resin. Useful for plug work. Great as a quick fix for chips in molds. Sizes: Sold individually or in the 5 lb box. >>
Polyvinyl alcohol is a release liquid that is brushed, wiped or sprayed over non-silicone based waxes. Excellent for intricate surfaces and new molds. Cleans with warm water. Green in colour. >>
Release Off 826
Water based release agent remover. Will remove all release agents, silicone and non-silicone. Will not destroy composite tool surfaces. Rub on with a sponge and wipe clean with a damp cloth. >>
Safelease 30
A water based PTFE release agent from Airtech that contains no silicone. Can be used for cure cycles up to 450 deg. F. For use with composite and metal tools; provides release from most resin systems. Does not attract moisture after cure, so will not produce steam during an oven cure. Unlike other water based mold releases, can be used on composite >>
Silicone Release Sheet
A re-useable fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber release sheeting. Excellent release properties from the most aggressive resin systems. Thermally stable up to 650 deg. F. >>
Synlube 1000
Synlube 1000 is no longer manufactured. Please contact us for a suitable replacement >>
Synlube 1711
Synlube 1000 is no longer manufactured. PTM&W PA0828 is a similar silicone based release agent. >>
Synlube 531
Synlube 531 is no longer being manufactured. PTM&W PA0868 is product with similar properties which can be removed with soap and water. >>
Teflon Release Sheet
A re-useable fiberglass reinforced teflon release sheeting. Thermally stable up to 550 deg. F. >>
TR-104 High Temperature Mold Release
High temp. production paste wax. Excellent breakdown for fast, even coverage. Allow to dry before removal. Less wax buildup than conventional synthetic or paraffin releases. Compatible with PVA. >>
TR-210 Self-Stripping Wax
A liquid release that strips previous wax build upon application while leaving an effective thin release film. Ideal for textured surfaces. Note: Liquid mold release is recommended for use on fully cured, well conditioned molds only. >>
TR-301 Sealer
A liquid sealer recommended to be used on new or reconditioned tooling before waxing with TR-104. Improves release and quality of finish by sealing surface pores. Best results obtained by machine buffing. >>
TR-502 Wax Build-up Remover
A special chemical formulation with no abrasives or compounds. Used in a good mold maintenance program, it will assure high gloss finished molds. Designed to be used with a machine buffer at the sign of haze or wax build-up. Will not break the surface seal. >>
TR-905 Mold Prep Cleaner
A blend of solvents and cleaning agents to be used before applying the TR-910 Sealer. Use as cleaner for new or reconditioned molds. >>
TR-910 Semi-Permanent Sealer
A resilient moisture cure film forming base coat which acts to seal the mold surface before application of TR-900 series semi-permanent releases. It protects against chemical attack and maximizes release performance. Thermally stable up to 500 deg. F. Coverage is approximately 800 sq. ft/gallon. >>
TR-930 Semi-Permanent Release
A high-temperature multiple pull semi-permanent release coating which cures under atmospheric conditions, bonding a durable thin clear coating to the mold surface. Multiple releases per application for polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and a variety of other thermoset resin systems. Simple to apply and cures fast. Wipes to a gloss finish. Easily recoat >>

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