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Spray Equipment

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2001GW Binks Gelcoat Gun
Top quality plural component spray gun for spraying gelcoat or resin and catalyst. Kit includes gun, 25 ft fluid hose, 25 ft air hose and 2 gallon pressure pot. >>
Binks Catalyst Injector
Feeds the desired ratio of MEKP catalyst into the airstream feeding the spray gun. Excellent catalyst/material integration. >>
Binks Gelcoat Spray Gun
For air atomized systems, for use with Binks Catalyst injector or for Hot Potting. Gelcoat delivered from a pressure pot. >>
Binks LEL (Low Emission Laminating)
Gelcoaters and Choppers systems are MATC-compliant, non-atomizing spray systems for reliable, trouble free gelcoat and resin delivery. Soft Spray for very high material transfer efficiency. Extremely rugged high production equipment, available cart or wall mounted. >>
Binks Pressure Pot
Code Rated pressure tanks available from two quart to 60 gallon, in galvanized or stainless steel, single or dual regulated. >>
G100-6 Gelcoat & Resin Spray Gun (Cup Gun)
Solid cast aluminum body with easy to clean brass nozzle. Build in air volume control. Gelcoat is contained in throw-away paper cups which minimizes cleaning. Gun includes FN-6 nozzle (for gelcoat). Additional nozzles are available for spraying resin, parting films, gelcoat with metal flakes and liquid gypsum. >>
G150 Gravity Feed Attachment
Attachment for the G100 Cup Gun consisting of a two gallon pail and hose spraying more than the 32 oz cup capability. >>
G830 2.0 HVLP Gelcoat & Resin Touch-up Spray Gun
Our new HVLP touch-up gun is perfect for touch-up of finished composite products and for mold repair. This high quality HVLP gun has no flat seals behind to air cap to deteriorate in acetone and has limited seals internally. All guns supplied with a 2.0mm nozzle, perfect for most resins and gel coats. We use stainless for our fluid nozzle and each >>
G860 2.5 HVLP Gelcoat & Resin Spray Gun
Our newest HVLP spray gun is perfect for exterior finishing and refinishing of composite products . This high quality HVLP gun has acetone resistant flat seals behind to air cap threads that do not deteriorate in acetone and has limited seals internally. All guns supplied with a 2.5mm nozzle, perfect for most resins and gel coats. We use stainless >>
G960 2L 2.5  Gelcoat & Resin Spray Gun
This professional grade spray gun comes complete with a 2.5mm stainless nozzle with a popular 2 liter aluminum regulated pressure pot. This gun is prefect for small to medium sizes gelcoat and resin spray up jobs. Standard 2.5mm nozzle is perfect for gel coat & resin. >>

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