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Laminating Equipment

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Bristle Roller
Short stiff bristles oriented in a finned format. Those that use the Bristle Roller with Chopped Strand Mat will use nothing else. Works well on irregular surfaces, No fiber shearing. Also known as a `pig hair roller`. >>
C93-A Air Powered Chopper
Compact hand held chopper is perfect for both, small and large jobs. Converts low-cost continuous strand roving into chopped glass for laminating. Variable speed for controlling glass fiber output. Output is 3.5 lb/min with 1in long strands. Chops from 1/4in to 3in long strands. >>
C93-EF Electric Powered Chopper
Same as C93-A with the exception of power source and chopping length. Chops from 1 to 3 inch strands. >>
Corner Roller
Relieves air away from filets and corners. >>
Econo Bristle Brush
Imported disposable wood handle natural bristle brush. Sizes: 1/2, 1, 2, 3 inch. Sold individually or in packaging of 12/36/144. >>
Foam Brush
Wood handle foam brush. One piece of foam, no glue lines. Ideal for tipping off epoxy, polyurethane and varnish. Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4 inch. Sold separately or in a packaging of 24/36/48. >>
Foam Roller
Foam roller with phenolic core. Roller cover of choice for epoxies and polyurethanes. Sizes: 2in x 7in. Sold individually and in a packaging of 24. >>
Laminating Squeegee
Soft plastic squeegee used for wetting out of cloth. >>
Mini Finned Roller
High quality finned roller. High concentration of fins. Aluminum head and handle. >>
Paddle Roller
European style roller with excellent air relief and easy cleanup. Fin orientation is transverse to the direction of rolling action. Preferred roller when working with knitted or unidirectional fibers. Aluminum head and plastic handle. >>
Radius Roller
An excellent roller for concave applications. Aluminum head and plastic handle. >>
Resin Brush
The fiberglass shop brush. Red plastic handle, natural bristle brush. Good bristle density. Will not easily lose bristles. Inexpensive enough to be disposable yet good quality to reuse. Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4 inch. Sold individually or in a packaging of 25/5. >>
Resin Roller
Low pile nylon roller with phenolic core. Suitable for polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy marine coatings and gelcoat. Unaffected by acetone cleanup. Reusable. Sizes: 1in x 3in, 2in x 7in. Sold individually or in packaging of 10/20. >>
Thalco Squeegee
Flexible rubber squeegee used for wetting out of cloth. Will not snag cloth. Reusable. >>
A polyethylene wedge for general purpose demolding. Will not scratch gelcoat. Sold Standard and Flexible (Pink). Sizes: 4in x 1 1/4in, 6in x 2 1/4in, 10in x 3 1/2in, 10in Thinline. >>

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