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Altek H596-HDA AOC Polyester Resin - 480-GP

Altek H596-HDA AOC Polyester Resin - 480-GP
Product Code: Altek H596-HDA
SKU: 480-GP
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Unwaxed general purpose laminating resin for wet layup. Low viscosity wets fabric well with minimal drain on vertical surfaces. Unwaxed resin is air-inhibited and will stay tacky on the surface when cured, allowing for extra laminating or bonding without further prep or sanding. Working time @ 25 C = 20-25 min.

From the manufacturers' website:

Altek® H596-H Series

General purpose, Toughened, Orthophthalic Polyester Resin

AOC’s Altek H596-H series is a prepromoted, thixotropic, general purpose, medium reactive, resilient, low styrene, orthophthalic polyester resin.

AOC’s Altek H596-H is designed for use in the manufacturing of composite parts using hand lay-up or spray-up application methods. For those marine applications where improved resistance to blistering is required, we recommend a skincoat of Hydropel® H034-A, H100-W or H100-M be applied on the hull prior to the application of AOC’s Altek H596-H.

Fast Cure
The medium reactivity of AOC"s Altek H596-H resin allows for complete rapid cure of the composite even in relatively thin composites when used with the recommended peroxide levels and application temperature.

Adaptability Fast Cure
AOC’s Altek H596-H resin is designed to be used successfully for the fabrication of numerous types and sizes of composites using differing application methods under varying conditions.

Good Secondary Bonding
Both the non-air inhibited and the air inhibited versions of AOC’s Altek H596-H resin provide good chemical bonding between laminate application if proper application procedures are followed. The air inhibited versions provide the best secondary bonding and should be used in applications where maximum secondary bonding is required.

Superior Mechanical Properties
When used with the proper glass reinforcement content, AOC’s Altek H596-H resin produces a composite with superior toughness properties that can assist in the reduction of composite cracking.

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