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300-Series Mini Pumps
Sold by the pair; one for the resin and the other for the hardener. One stroke of each pump delivers the correct ratio of resin to hardener. The current package of pumps is good for all size kits for both 3:1 and 5:1 mix ratios. >>
Empty Caulking Tube
Standard sized fillable caulking tube well suited for filling and application of catalyzed epoxy and polyester putties. >>
ES Catalyst Dispenser
Industry Standard for measuring and storing MEKP catalyst. The top cup measures up to 35 ml by increments of 5 ml for easy and accurate measurements. Sizes: 500ml bottles, quart size are available >>
Graduated Cup
Chemical resistant graduated clear plastic cups. Capacity: 1 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 32 oz (1 quart), 2.5 quart, 5 quart >>
Paint Pal
Solvent resistant clear graduated plastic mixing cups. Ideal for mixing two-component paints. Reusable. Sizes: 1 quart, 2.5 quarts, 5 quarts. >>
Paper Mixing Container
Capacity: coffee cup 6 oz (170 ml), tub 1 lb (500 ml), tub 2 lb (1 l), tub 3 lb (1.5 l), tub 5 lb (2.3 l), tub 10 lb (4.5 l). >>
Preval Sprayer
Power unit and empty bottle that will spray up to 16 oz of any liquid (gelcoat, paint, PVA, etc.) Perfect for small repair jobs. >>
PTM&W Tooling Brushes
A very high quality 2in wide natural bristle brush with short, 3/4in bristles designed specifically for efficient epoxy surface coat application. Smooth, machine cut bristles are stiff and well secured and stay put during use. A bit expensive for a disposable brush, but well worth it for high quality epoxy tooling. Sizes: Sold individually or by th >>
Swisspump Catalyst Dispenser
Wall mounted dispenser for accurate measuring of larger quantities of MEKP catalyst. Stainless steel and glass construction for the pump area, anodized aluminum wall mount construction. Measures up to 100 ml by increments of 1 ml. >>
Chemical resistant graduated clear plastic syringes. Luer-lock tips are interchangeable. Additional tips available upon request. Capacity: 5 ml, 20 ml, 60 ml, MJ 12 ml. >>
System Three Plunger Pump
Sold in pairs; one for the resin and the other for the hardener. Screws onto System Three containers. One stroke of each delivers the correct quantity of a component. >>

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