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Composites Canada Coatings are used for the final cosmetic and technical surface of composite parts and everything they are attached to.  From architectural, transportation, artistic through tooling, coatings are the surfaces we see and interact with every day.

Coatings We Carry


Additives for modifying the cure and performance of coatings while liquid and cured.


Gelcoat polyester cosmetic coatings from the RAL Color Chart – for boats, tanks, pools, and molds.  We can color match almost all RAL K7 Classic Colors (except for luminous colors due to fading).  To ensure color accuracy, please order a RAL Color card, instead of relying on digital color representation on your monitor).

Paint – UV resistant coating for durability and corrosion resistance.
Solvents for cleaning, surface preparation and reducing coatings.
Tooling – technical coatings for mold surfaces