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We carry a huge variety of composites products from global manufacturers to bring you the best products for every application and project.  Check out some of the manufacturers’ products we carry:

    3M covers many aspects of the composites industry. From fabricating, assembling or processing, efficiency is important and 3M has you covered. From adhesives for many purposes to safety supplies and tapes, we carry a wide variety of 3M products including:

    Airtech is the largest manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials for prepreg/autoclave, resin infusion, and wet lay-up processes up to 799°F (426°C). The product line contains vacuum bagging films, release films, pressure sensitive tapes, release liquids, peel plies, breathers & bleeders, sealant tapes, vacuum bag connectors & hoses, rubber, pressure pads, cutting tools, vacuum leak detectors, shrink tape, PTFE coated fiberglass, tooling prepregs and resins, and carbon and glass reinforcements. Here at Composites Canada, we carry a wide variety of Airtech material including:

    AOC is the leading global supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants and additives for the composites industry. We have all you need for completing your project including:

    Arkema makes the catalyst methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) and is used for curing unsaturated polyester resins or vinylester resins at ambient temperatures in combination with amine or heavy metal promoters.

    BGF Industries makes technical fiber materials that deliver high strength, high temperature, lightweight solutions. They also provide structural integrity, thermal, environmental and ballistic protection, or decorative appeal in countless everyday products such as surfboards, snowmobiles, airplanes, armor and everything in between. Some of these products include:

    Busch supplies solutions and service for vacuum and overpressure applications. Composites Canada supplies Busch vacuum pumps as well as the oil to keep them at top performance.

    Both PBLT Tooling Board (for low-temperature applications) and PBHT Tooling Board (for high-temperature applications), possess excellent machining characteristics and dimensional stability for tool making. There are a few options to select from including:


    Cox makes high-quality hand-held sealant and adhesive applicators. Pneumatic and manual dispensing guns are available:

    Diab offers a complete range of high-performance core materials to supply the sandwich composite industry. At Composites Canada we offer a huge selection of foam material from Diab such as:

    Diatrim makes high-quality diamond cutters and specialized air tools for the composite industry. We supply many options of cutting blades and hole saws including:

    Endura makes high-performance polyurethane and epoxy coatings. Product lines include, industrial paint systems, easy clean anti-graffiti coatings and environmentally friendly primers and topcoats. Custom color creation and matching service is available, as well as providing you with industrial strength and amazing durability. We have a variety of Endura products including:

    Epifanes makes marine coatings that look great, and perform as well, in such an adverse environment as a yacht coating. There is a variety to select from, including varnishes and thinners.

    ES Manufacturing

    ES manufacturing has a complete line of tools for composites.  There’s a variety of sizes of rollers from 1/4″ diameter mini rollers up to 18″ long panel rollers. These rollers are designed to efficiently build stronger composites. As well as several sprayers and handheld application guns, dispensers, and cutting equipment.

    Gurit® makes composite materials, tooling equipment, and select parts and systems. Gurit® also makes PVC which is a closed cell, cross-linked PVC foam. It provides superior strength to weight ratio for all composite applications. Other key features of Gurit® PVC include outstanding chemical resistance, minimal water absorption, and excellent thermal insulation capabilities. It is compatible with most common resin systems including epoxy, polyester and vinylester. We carry many options here at Composites Canada including:

    Hawkeye Industries Duratec Polyester and Vinyl Ester products are great for their ability to cure completely when applied to plug/pattern surfaces.  The thin-film, air-cure capability makes Duratec ideal for the composites industry. Also, Aqua Buff is good for removing sanding scratches from gelcoat, and for creating a great shine on gelcoat or Duratec.   Aqua Buff is environmentally friendly, made from tallows and natural grits, mixed with water for easy use. We carry many options such as:

    Hexcel produces carbon fiber reinforcements, resin systems, prepreg, as well as honeycomb manufacturing for the commercial aerospace industry. Some of the options are:

    Interlux is a supplier of boat paint maintenance solutions to help protect, beautify and improve your boat’s performance. With many options to pick from including antifouling, boat primers, yacht varnish & more, they can not only help protect your boat, but also the environment. If you are painting a boat and need help and advice, then ask our experts here at Composites Canada, who are knowledgeable in all aspects of how to paint a boat to ensure that you protect your boat with confidence.


    Nida-Core has high-strength, low-weight, engineered materials, providing solutions in general industrial markets, including transportation, marine, and renewable energy. Products include a variety of structural honeycomb-cored and foam-cored products. Also, closed-molding cores including NidaFusion, composite panels, kiln-dried end-grain balsa. Check out the options we have below!

    OLFA products include heavy-duty, and specialty, cutting tools, rotary cutters, and more. Snap-off blades make it easy to keep a sharp edge at all times! Check out the variety of cutters and blades here at Composites Canada!


    Plexus makes highly engineered fastening, joining and sealing technologies products and systems. They have a structural adhesive which bonds nearly all thermoplastics, metals and composite materials providing very durable bonds with little or no surface preparation. They can withstand even the most demanding application, as well as being a good alternative to both polyurethanes and epoxies.

    PRO-SET Epoxy products create strong, lightweight composites that can withstand the harshest environments, as well as have improved handling characteristics, and excellent cure profile. There are PRO-SET Epoxies for Laminating, Infusion, Tooling, and Assembly. We also offer Process Equipment.

    PTM&W Industries, Inc. makes epoxy and polyurethane resin systems for production composites, composite tooling, production and rapid prototyping applications. Other products include epoxy laminating, infusion, surface coat, casting and adhesive resin systems. The polyurethane systems for production and prototypes have superior toughness and impact strength and very high heat resistance, for durable long-term performance. The tooling urethanes have great abrasion resistance, maximum toughness and long-term durability for the most demanding uses. There are many options to select them to fill your needs including:

    Rexco is a manufacturer of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) parting film-forming barrier solutions for thermoset composites. PVA parting films are solvent resistant yet water soluble. They include traditional alcohol-containing solutions for fast drying, new environmentally friendly, non-hazardous PVA films based on sustainable technology. Some of the products include paste wax mold releases, PVA parting films, fiberglass buffing compounds, semi-permanent mold releases, and mold sealing and cleaning products.

    Scott Bader manufactures a wide range of synthetic resins, adhesives, and polymers to many different markets. Be sure to look at all the options to match your needs!

    System Three Resins is a manufacturer of specialty adhesives, coatings, encapsulants and composite resin systems. Whether you’re fixing up an old project or starting from scratch, System Three has many options to pick from to match your needs!

    West System has a wide variety of epoxy and adhesives, that is structural and marine grade, to help you complete your project. West System has successfully been used in boat construction and repair since 1969.