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Wind Energy

Composites Canada has everything needed for wind blade repair, in stock, and ready to ship.

Doing Leading Edge Maintenance?

We have two LEP solutions ready to go:

Our urethane coating is the only fully impact resistant wind blade coating on the market, and will save you days of labor per turbine:

  • Apply in a single pass. Coat the leading edge, and you’re done.
  • Pre-tinted RAL 7035 grey means no extra paint or topcoating.
  • Cartridge dispensing means no mixing, no waste, no mess.
  • Specially designed brushes make consistent application a breeze.
  • Industry leading erosion protection, by a wide margin.

Our leading edge tape is even faster to apply. Squeegee on to the blade leading edge and be done!

  • Stocked in 8” width, premeasured for one roll per turbine.
  • RAL grey means no pre-painting.
  • No humidity concerns, can be applied even in light rain!

Epoxy filler for leading edge repairs that:

  • Dispenses from a cartridge for no mess and no waste.
  • Sands fast like urethane but without the humidity concerns.
  • Retains the flexibility of the LEP for long term performance.
  • Designed specifically for the needs of the wind blade repair industry.

Fixing Lightning Strikes, Bird Strikes or Doing Structural Repairs?

We have resin kits and multiaxial fabrics ready to go:

  • Epoxies and vinylesters for good bond and water resistance.
  • Fast cure for quick turnaround.
  • Multiaxial fabrics, UD’s and scrim by the roll or by the yard, as used by OEM wind blade manufacturers.
  • RAL 7035 urethane topcoats for fast application and industry leading weather resistance.
  • Cores, both balsa and foam in all standard sizes.
  • Gelcoats and materials for polyester blades, in standard blade colours.

Doing Installations and Upgrades to Existing Wind Farms?

We have the stock you need for installations:

  • Acrylic foam tape and adhesion promoters for serration installs
  • Sealants pre-tinted to RAL7035
  • Adhesive removers and cleaners for LEP upgrades or replacements.

Don’t forget about process materials: masking tapes, cleaners, abrasives, heat blankets and vacuum drying systems, we have the inventory and experience to help you get onsite and off as fast as possible.