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Composites Canada Fabrics are the heart of the composite structure. Fibers are tied together with a resin to take shape in any imaginable form. Fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar are the most recognizable, with exotic fibers for specialty high performance or extreme operating environments.

Fabrics We Carry

Aramid / Kevlar >

Aramid / Kevlar fabrics are low density with high tenacity fibers – known for strength and durability

Carbon Fiber >

Carbon fiber cloth, non-woven, specialty, tapes, tows, and braids – very high stiffness and strength for high performance lightweight composite parts.

Fiberglass >

Fiberglass cloth, mat, non-woven, roving, s-glass, specialty, tapes, and braids – the standard composite fiber from economical to aerospace.

Specialty Cloth >

Specialty cloth – thermoplastic and exotic fibers for the most demanding specialty applications.

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When facing our building, the showroom driveway is on the LEFT side of the building. Parking and the showroom entrance are halfway down the side.

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