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Kevlar®  has many applications, and we’re here to help you along the way with any questions you have about this versatile fabric. In the canoe industry, Kevlar®  has become a top seller for its amazing properties. Compared to building carbon or fiberglass canoes, aramid will give you the edge on the water. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why Kevlar® gives you an advantage.

  1. Kevlar® is lightweight – After a few days of portaging, a 10 to 20-pound difference can make a difference on your shoulders. Also, it can make it easier to maneuver the rapids and technical turns in the river. With reduced weight, means better flotation so when you’re in the shallows you won’t have to be so concerned about hitting rock bottom.
  2. Kevlar® is tough – Kevlar® will take lots of use and abuse.  It will bounce off rocks, go over logs and also scrape against anything you put in its way. The gel coat may crack but it will take a severe impact, without going through, and will flex without breaking, to return to its original shape.
  3. Kevlar® is rigid and smooth – There is nothing better than having a responsive hull that will easily turn with a simple paddling stroke. An aramid canoe will glide quietly and effortlessly on the water. Adding wood trim gunwales on the hull will make both of those characteristics an even better experience.
  4. Kevlar® is easy to repair – If you somehow manage to puncture or crack your Kevlar® canoe, it can be fixed with ease. On a trip, having some duct tape or a fiberglass repair kit will help you get home. Once you are back home you can ask a local shop to restore it, or you can fix and repair it to make your canoe good as new.
  5. Kevlar® is a heat reflector – An advantage that most people don’t often think about is that a lighter color, like the yellow clear exterior and interior, will draw less heat from the sun. Compared to a black carbon interior, you get an interior that dissipates heat. You can kneel on your knees, sit a child on the floor, or have your pet lay down without getting radiant heat.

If you’re looking into designing and building your own canoe for escapes into the great outdoors, Kevlar® is a great option. It will give you the cutting edge, that will last you for years of memories to share with your friends around the campfire.

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