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We love the composites industry because it gives us contact with every conceivable application.

A few years ago, we headed to downtown Toronto on a foggy spring morning. Parking is easy that early, but finding an obscure service entrance to the CN Tower was way more challenging in the dark.

The upper dome of the CN Tower is fiberglass, specifically foam-cored fiberglass.  Huge curved panels make up the coverings of the observation decks. A tower that tall builds a lot of ice on the upper surfaces, ice which falls and can damage those composite panels. And that damage eventually needs repair.

So on that early morning, we ascended to the top of the tower – into the mast – to have a look at those panels in place.  The crew tasked to repair the ice damage wanted a review of materials, techniques, and options that could repair the massive panels in place – without lowering them to the ground. The details belong to the high-angle service company which did the work, but consulting on this job was just one more event to remind us of why this industry is never dull.

Why did Composites Canada get asked to consult? Basically they trusted our knowledge, people, and experience. And they knew we’d personally go up into the tower to find a solution with them.

Whether you’re working on the tallest building around, deep underground or on any other civil infrastructure, we can back up your project. We like what we do because we like what you do. Give us a call at 1-877-773-7336