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Civil infrastructure: it’s constantly falling apart. Buildings, bridges, and roads, all get built just in time to start a continuous process of deterioration. I complain about it as much as anybody else, but it’s the reason construction on the highways just never seems to be complete.

No surprise then that any technique to extend the lifespan of these structures is welcome. Fortunately for the composites industry, a great way to do it is to reinforce them with the best we have to offer.

Bridge decks have carbon fiber plates epoxied on to add tensile strength and years to their life. Concrete columns are wrapped with carbon straps to increase their compressive strength, both for longer life and when the buildings above get higher. Old foundations of are shored up with carbon fabrics when subway tunnels are dug underneath.

The coolest one I’ve seen? I had a customer pick up (pick up!) a centuries-old hotel, move it across the street, and then move it back without so much as a crack, thanks to the carbon fiber supported stone foundation. Something about that just seems anachronistic. But with the fiber and adhesive they used, it’s as high tech as it gets.

If you need a concrete solution, let us know. Composites Canada can help your project stand the test of time.