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At Composites Canada we spend a lot of time on details.  The right materials for the job, the right process to use them.  It’s the path to good parts, profitable and reliable.

Process matters.  Details matter.  I’ve been doing this most of my life and the one thing which most bogs down shops is building production parts like they’re prototypes.   Every one hand crafted to order.

Composites is a strange medium.  Everything is hand crafted.  From the race track to outer space, every composite part is put together with bits and pieces.  Cutting those bits and pieces takes time.  Skilled, tedious time. Tedious time often means mis-cut bits.  Mis-cut bit mean re-work.  Mis-cut bits go in the garbage. Prototypes deserve the time they take, but for most shops the path to profits is production.

The simplest path between prototypes and production is automation.  The simplest automation is computerized kit cutting for fabric and consumables.  Imagine, every material layer of your complex, multistage process coming out of a box in sequence, clean, tagged and precise.  “Tab A in Slot B” processing for the most sophisticated parts.  Finishing time goes down.  Waste goes down.  Labour costs go down.  Production goes up.

For shops big and small, it’s an investment in customer satisfaction.  And there’s good news: this investment need not involve the time, space and capital of installing a cutting machine of your own.  There are machines out there, with experienced, efficient operators, eager to help make your production a success. Production is in the details.  A good kit shop will understand the details.

When you need to make details matter, give us a call. We can connect you with the right materials, the right kit cutters, the right advice.  Details that matter.