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We are very happy to have teamed up with Global Medic to provide disaster relief in the Bahamas.

When Global Medic Founder – Rahul Singh saw the images of the giant eye of Hurricane Dorian over the Bahamas in September, he knew he and the other first responders who volunteer for GlobalMedic would be in for a busy few months.  For 36 hours, the Category 5 hurricane stalled over the Bahamas, battering the islands with sustained winds as high as 295 km/h.  “It was heartbreaking to watch,” said Singh, a Toronto paramedic and the founder and executive director of GlobalMedic.

Rahul reached out to Composites Canada to ask if we could help with disaster relief in the Bahamas – particularly helping the Bahamian fisherman whose boats werre destroyed.  As we work closely with the marine industry in Canada, we clearly understood the need for the Bahamian fisherman to be able to provide for their families.  Without their boats, their livelihoods were at risk.

We are happy to say that we were able to help in a number of ways:

Before the mission

  • We were able to help with assessing the needs of the fisherman.  Through phone calls and photos they had sent, we were able to assess the damage and determine what materials were needed to fix their boats.
  • We provided a wide array of composites materials that the mission needed – filling most of a sea container.

During the mission

  • Composites Canada sent our marine technical expert,  Jason Pozzo to guide the fisherman and repair team in understanding the features of the composites material and how to use them to repair their boats.