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BiotexflaxtwillWe’re excited to be bringing in a new eco-friendly fabric.  Made in the UK, Composites Evolution brings innovative ideas to traditional fabric technology.

Biotex Flax is a range of high-performance reinforcement yarns and fabrics based on natural flax fibre, and designed for fibre-reinforced polymer composite applications. The fabrics can be used with a wide variety of resins in processes including wet lay-up, vacuum infusion, resin transfer moulding (RTM), press moulding, pultrusion, prepregging etc.  The yarns are suitable for pultrusion and filament winding. Biotex Flax uses a unique Twistless Technology to provide optimum performance and impregnation, and can be processed in a similar way to traditional glass or carbon fibers.

Flax fiber fabrics are an ideal match to our AOC EcoTek Green resins and gelcoat technologies.

Whether you build high end custom composite furniture or the latest in performance canoes, flax fibers are new, they’re strong, and they’re an easy substitution in your exisiting process.  Call 1-877-773-7336 and ask for Aaron to learn more.