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Precision workmanship is crucial in building critical products. It becomes even more risky when the process calls for manufacturing products using Vacuum Infusion process. To eliminate these risks, usage of Gerster Gussets and Distribution Tapes are important.


Gerster Gussets helps reinforce corner joints in 3-dimensional components. They also help alleviate production problems like vacuum bag bridging and voids in tight corners. The Gusset consists of a warp knitted cover of 90 deg plies and a core consisting of three cords in carbon or fiberglass. The twisted cords have different diameters in order to fit exactly to an angle connection. The Gussets are meant to be a drastic improvement of what some in the aerospace industry might know as liquorice sticks. Advantages of the Gussets are easy inlaying, good conformability, reinforcement of weak corners and edges and ideal run of forces in the component.

Gerster Resin Distribution Tapes

The Gerster Resin Distribution Tape is a textile flowing aid which optimizes the vacuum infusion process (VIP). The resin tape is composed of a knitted structure and consists of loops which are made of monofilaments. These loops form the flowing channel which transports the resin equally into the component part. It transports the resin equally into the compound and is responsible for evacuating the air of the vacuum compound. At the entrance side, the resin tape is used for the leading-in of the resin and at the exit side it is used for the evaluation of the air and the surplus resin. The advantages are easy fixation, no adhesive tape necessary, fits well at curved components, no appreciable marks and easy removal. Now it comes with an adapter that connects between the resin entrance and the teflon tube.

North America Distribution

Composites Canada has teamed up with Gerster Techtex in distributing these products in North America. We promote these products mainly to the Aerospace, Wind energy, rotor turbines customers and available for general sales. We have stock of common sizes, and other sizes can be made available within a week after order. We provide the necessary technical support and service along with the products.

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