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For me, in this industry, the future is automation.  It isn’t the first and won’t be the last time I write a blog on it.  Composites are expensive to build.  The biggest reason they are expensive is labor.  Even offshore composite parts (don’t get me started on whether we can do this domestically faster, better *and* cheaper) just cost too much to compete with traditional materials.  But take away the labour costs…..

Like everything else today, our industry is absorbing the results of cheaper, readily available high tech equipment.  Not so long ago, CNC machines were the exotic installations of ultra-high-end shops.  Now they’re everywhere; I even have one I built from a kit in my garage.  Given 10 years, my bet is on finding automated fiber placement machines as commonly as you find CNC machines today.  Faster built composite parts, stronger through more accurate fiber placement, lower labour costs.  That’s where I see the key to the growth our favourite industry.

OK, so I bought a used two axis placement head online for my garage toy.  I couldn’t resist. Who wouldn’t want to get hands on with the future of our industry?

If you want to get hands on with the future of our industry, call us.  We *really* like what we do.